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Genesis & Franklin’s Wedding | West Palm Beach

It’s pretty awesome having the ability to share a deep connection with someone, and it’s even more amazing to have a spiritual connection along with it. Just like thermoplastic to a copper wire, that spiritual connection allows both to be always in sync, insulates both from negativity, and provides adequate bending to life’s ever-changing paths. I had, in all the weddings that I have documented over the years, never been in a ceremony where the simple worship of one’s Creator brought me to tears. I went home that evening, reflected deeply on what I had witnessed, and realized, this was what it meant to be in the complete will of God. I remembered distinctly as I was tearing feeling an amount of happiness previously unfelt in my whole career. I woke up the next day and decided to do things a little differently then I was used to. This was meaningful to me simply because I always, sometimes not even by choice, look for a couples reason to be together or to better say, what is it that’s keeping them together. Sometimes, it’s readily apparent to as to what and why, but with them, It all made sense to me at that exact moment during the ceremony.

Congrats to Gennesis & Franklin.
I know that they will share whatever it is that keeps them so strong and grounded to the rest of the world because I do undoubtedly believe, it will impact others just as it impacted me.

Hair & Make up: Genni.muaah
Florals: Kiss Events & Decor
Church: Family Church Downtown
Venue: The Wanderers Club


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