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Everything is possible for those who believes, especially when that belief is attached to something tangible like a photograph. A reminder sometimes is all we need to smile, to feel encouraged or sometimes to make the right decision. Let your story live through a photograph

People Really Matter

I take pride in the amount of dedication I pour out as it is a direct result of the passion I have for what I do. Truth is, I have to be completely satisfied before you the client. This ensures that you get my very best, every time.

Having A Plan Feels Good

Let's sit and draw out a plan to ensure the day goes by as smooth as possible, with no surprises at the end. I aim to tell your story that will bring you tears of joy every time you relive this fleeting moment of your life through a photograph.



South Florida & Destination wedding photographer

I serve clients in need of real, authentic, elegant, emotional & timeless images in a time of quickly fleeting moments and fast paced lifestyle.

I’m Ralph, some call me fun, some call me crazy, others call the black mamba haha! but most you knows me best for my contagious laugh and my absolute passion for real wedding photography. Notice the real in there, thats because I’m not shooting for the best instagram image, rather I am photographing what is real and making it tangible. I am documenting the way he or she holds you, looks at you and make you blush and giggle, the way my couples makes each other feel. I’m all about creating photos that reflect my couple’s distinct personalities and interests, and most of all, documenting the uniqueness of their relationship. I can’t tell you how much I love and appreciate working with couples who values this art, love with reckless abandon, and are up for anything fun and creative. This is what I stand for & this is what I believe!

More about me!

The Amazing Work

I live to tell a story through my camera. A passion of mine that I would not dare to take for granted. I truly believe a photograph contains the power to change a life.

We want to grow with you!

Did you know ``Married with Children`` was one of my favorite shows?

YAY! I got engaged, even better, I got married!! Wait Ralph you mean there is more, Absolutely!. To be honest, your life really has just begun because now you are a mother and a father. EVEN MORE CONGRATS ARE IN ORDER!!  Celebrate what milestone with a beautiful portrait of your little one. Whether you want a complete scene or more of a lifestyle setting, you will have images that you will swoon over for years to come.

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Sharing Everything

That's right, most of the work on the blog because It's more than a beautiful picture, I want you to see a beautiful story.

What my couples have to say

I am are extremely proud to share the following testimonials with you.

I am completely obsessed with Ralph's work. Not only are his pictures stunning (check out his website as the pictures speak for themselves), he was such a down to earth person. We really saw that during our engagement shoot where he made us so comfortable taking pictures for the afternoon. I am so glad that I found him for our special day!

Mary & Jordon

I can’t say enough good things about Ralph. His energy made my husband and I feel like we were actual models! Haha even our guests said that his energy was just amazing and so much fun! He truly took pride in his work, remaining professional, but still allowing us to feel free and have fun. He met with us on multiple occasions to go over the plans we had for our big day where he gave us amazing advice and feedback, beyond his photography skills. We saw a small preview of some of our portrait photos and I am already in AWE! Just beautiful! Thank you SO much Ralph!

Sabrina & Francisco

Ralph is amazing! Working with him during our wedding process was one of the most pleasant experiences throughout our journey. His talent and enthusiasm are unmatched. He was a constant joy to be around. He exudes so much passion and enjoyment during his sessions you simply forget you’re even taking photos! He is definitely in a league of his own. We can’t wait to work with Ralph again! Thank you for capturing every moment of our love.

Gina & Alfonso

We hired Ralph based on his explosive personality we witnessed at a friends wedding - before we really even saw much of his work. We knew he was going to portray the fun and joy he had for his art through capturing our special day. Everyone raved about how fun, dedicated to the perfect shot, and personable he was. He knows how to make a crowd at ease and get truly happy shots! We are so happy we went with Ralph and can’t WAIT to see his work from our wedding.

Taylor & Derek

I don’t have enough good things to say about Ralph. We booked him for our New Year’s Eve wedding and after our engagement shoot we knew we had made the right choice. Ralph is so fun, excited, and high energy that he makes all involved look and feel their best. He brought careful thought and great ideas to our wedding day and his work is top notch. Would highly recommend him!

Melissa & Brandon

Ralph's photos are top notch quality, but on top of that he makes a great addition to your wedding day. He brings a fun vibe to your wedding party and knows how to get everyone excited. The wedding photos are immaculate and the guests will also be happy with their part in the visual documentation of the day. Ralph knows what he's doing and is a wonderful presence on one of the biggest days of your life. I wish I could give him 1000/5 stars.

Cecilia & Chad

Wow Raphael !!! how beautiful are the photos many congratulations you have an incredible talent you enjoy taking the photos and make us enjoy all those who participate, I am the mother of the bride and I will continue to recommend you, you are unique and spectacular that God keeps filling you with favor and grace! thank you very much.

Libia Charry Collazos

Hands down so happy I chose Ralph Raphael to be the photographer for our wedding. I have followed Ralph’s photography for years, and have always been in love with his work. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with him in the past as well!. The only thing I knew for certain I wanted at my wedding was for Ralph to be our wedding photographer. Ralph went above and beyond. He captured the most tender and sincere moments. When you book Ralph, you’re not just booking a wedding photographer, you are booking an experience. His laughter is contagious and he brings such wonderful happy energy. He is professional, arrives on time and his photo turn over is also very timely! His photography style is ethereal and romantic which is exactly what I wanted. I remember the word I kept using when I saw my photos was “dreamy.” Ralph is the total package! 🙂

Natalie & Nick Carbonell

One of the best photographers I've ever come across! Couldn't have chosen anyone else to be by my side on my wedding day! (other than my husband) You're truly the best, Ralph! So professional and kept me laughing all daaaay loooong! There's no stress with this guy! Yngrid & David Colatti

Yngrid & David Colatti

Wedding photos for were very important for us, we were looking for a professional who would capture exactly what we wanted. From the moment we saw Ralph's photograph's on Instagram, we were captivated by the beauty of his portraits, the lighting and colors, and the overall style of his photography. Once we met with Ralph we felt confident in his ability to capture our vision for our engagement photos and our wedding. Ralph took his time to listen to our love story and ask us questions about our relationship. He took genuine interest in getting to know us, in order to capture our love and personalities through his photographs. We gave Ralph a list of must have photos, but most importantly we had an open mind to trust his vision. We knew Ralph would capture amazing photos, we trusted him because of his passion for photography. We were happy to see how beautiful our engagement photos looked!! We couldn't wait until he captured our weeding. The day of our wedding, we loved how Ralph became a part of the wedding, he truly enjoys photography. He does not hesitate to get the photos he needs to get. He was friendly, and courteous with our guests. Our guests, our parents, and we were impressed with his work ethic throughout the wedding day. We couldn't be happier with Ralph's work and dedication on our wedding day. He captured many photos of things throughout the day we (bride and groom) missed out on because of so much that was going on that day. We absolutely love our wedding photos! Ralph suggested doing a photo session the day after the wedding at the beach, which we are glad we did because they were an extra special treat. The photos came out amazing, they are beautiful. They were more than we expected! Our personalities, emotions, happiness and love are seen in the pictures. Thank you, Ralph for your time, dedication, and tailoring the photos to us! We truly appreciate it! We knew you were going to capture amazing photos, but you went above and beyond our expectations! We can relive our wedding day through your photos. Our photos will be passed down for generations.

Cristal & Manny Bagrameli

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Have you ever asked yourself, ``How do they take these photos?`` Learn with me, I'll not only teach you how to capture amazing photos but capture amazing moments. Click on the link below to inquire about my mentorship program. No matter your skill level, or how entry level is your camera, learn with me and surprise yourself with the results.

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