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Melissa & Justin’s engagement

True love isn't about finding the perfect person, not even the person you think would most likely be right for you. True love is about realizing someone's potential, measuring their good attributes, character, understanding their shortcomings and still, choosing to be with them for the long haul.   ...

Skylar Rose

After having so 2 boys, We prayed so much for a little girl. The whole family would get together and ask God for a little girl. I am glad, not only because He heard our prayers but decided to bless us with our little girl and now we wait. Our baby girl Skylar Rose. ...

Mary & Jordon Engagement

My sunshine when skies are gray! One of the sweetest couple I've ever had the pleasure to photograph. Their love was as natural as thier personalities. The type of couple that gets lost in each other's eyes for a split second until the hubby says ok that weird. That's how I know its real. ...

Natalie & Nick’s Wedding | Miami, Florida

He Was right under my nose this whole time, Who would of thought that I'd get to marry my Middle school sweetheart. Come to think of it, he was never too far. We would go about our lives but somehow always seem to find each other. I am grateful for this day, grateful for my dreams coming true. Natalie. Listening to her utter these words reminded me of this song, If it's meant to be, it'll be - Baby, just let it be. Truth is, nothing is ever going...

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