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What’s in my case | 2018

Writing this made me realize 2 things.  I have way too many photography related gadgets and there are still a few more things I need.  I, my friends, can honestly say that have contracted a mild case of GAS, better yet knows as Gear Aquisition Syndrome hehe. Just like most photographers in the business, I had my humble beginnings starting out with the Canon Elan 7 Film camera then moving on to the Canon T2I.  For those who are curious, I didn’t start out documenting weddings and as a result, I used the fashion recommended canon 24-70mm / 70-200mm lenses. Years after practicing and honing in my craft, I discovered wedding photography and a way to tell a lasting story. That growth allowed to expand my toolset, just as an artist needs the right mediums.
With that came about the discovery of prime lenses and how each lens matches my vision of the moment, couple and their environment. My current equipment helps deliver the very best images I possibly can to every single client. All that being said, I have had more and more photographers and clients asking questions about my gear  – some are curious about shooting film and some who are starting out just want to know exactly what I have in my case! I’m more than happy to share and will try to give a little bit of insight along with the list of equipment I currently have and use. Just understand this, so much of the final product comes from what you know about light, whatever gear you have to work with and who you are as a photographer.



  1. Canon 5D MKIV
  2. Canon 5D MKIII
  3. Canon 6D MKI
  4. Canon Elan 7


These are the three main camera bodies I shoot with. I am however considering going back to and using my elan 7 and most likely upgrade at some point to a Contax 645, making it a hybrid setup. The dynamic range on the Mark IV allows for more control over any lighting situations which comes in very handy for portraits. Every wedding is different thus I plan accordingly.  My Mark III is still a beast, over 3 years old and still going strong. The awesome out of camera colors makes it a wonderful tool for reception shots. The old faithful 6D does not get held often as its main purpose nowadays is back up, over 5 years of use and still no signs of slowing down. On occasion, I still use my 6D for learning new setups/compositions and working with models as it is still capable of wowing just about anyone.


  1. 16-28mm 2.8
  2. 35mm 1.4
  3. 50mm 1.2
  4. 85mm 1.2
  5. 100mm Macro 2.8 
  6. 135mm 2.0 
  7. 70-200mm 2.8

I just can’t say enough about my 35mm f1.4 V1 lens. Its been an absolute workhorse since day one.  The character of a lens is as important as the reliability, hence why I haven’t upgraded to the Version 2 of this lens. A typical set up for me is a combination of 35/85 or 16-28/50. Next month this time I plan on purchasing a 24mm 1.4 completing my holy trinity of lenses 24/50/135


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