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Wedding Day

The Wedding Day Experience
That is what I’m all about.
To be Honest, we all want it to last. There isn’t a bride in this world who doesn’t wish for their wedding day to last just a little while longer. And unfortunately, that’s not usually the case, the flowers will fade, the food digested, and eventually, the hangover will go away. However, one of the few tangible items you will hold in your hands are the photographs of such an amazing day. Your wedding is a big deal! Huge, ginormous, massive! I know you spend lots of money and lots of time to ensure that every single detail – all the way down to the napkins on the reception tables – is nothing short of perfect and this is where I come in, With the right mix of traditional and photojournalism, my photographs are crafted in such a way to not only tell your story but also to allow you to re-live the day, looking back to say oh it was so worth it. I know there are hundreds of other photographers out there, and that many of them will do an outstanding job. But when it comes to it, though, choose a wedding photographer whose style you are in love with along with the relationship and vibe you get from the person you hire. The sheer passion and dedication I have for my art is enough to bring excitement to any wedding.  Just don’t forget to make sure to have adequate coverage on your wedding day.

Ralph Raphael

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