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Mini Session Preparation Guide



Robbins Preserve – 4005 S Hiatus Rd, Davie, FL 33330

A Few Notes...

COVID 19 Precautions & More!

+ One family is allowed into the shooting area at a time.

+ Children must come dressed and ready.

+ Masks are required for all older children and adults when not being photographed.

+ All areas will be sanitized between clients.

+ Please do not bring real food, candy, or drinks.

+ Props are allowed, example  Nutcrackers, small wood trains, ornaments that look like toys, a little suitcase, etc.

+ Hand sanitizer will be available

What if...

You know, when life happens!

+ It rains?
Well, both sunday Nov 7th & Saturday Nov 21st are reserved as backup dates.

+ We are running late?
Well your time will be shorter and or you may lose your session entirely. Try not to be late

+ We don’t really want Christmas themed?
Totally fine, we have an additional set or natural portraits.

+ Location changes?
You will be notified of any changes and we will reschedule if needed.

+ We want more pictures?
The option to purchase more prints or session will be available.

+ We want our pet(s)?
Please bring them, although we can’t allow more than 3 cats or dogs,

+ We have a large family?
Accommodations will be made, but please I do ask for your party’s full cooperation.

+ We want to have fun?
YES! please do, bring the joy, charm & laughter.

What happens afterwards

When all is said and done

That is a great question! I take great care to go over all of your images and pick out the perfect moments. When I get home from our session, I immediately back up your images so they are safe. Also, I don’t delete the images from my memory card until after I have edited your pictures. Once they are safely backed up, I pick my favorites. My turnaround time for your  gallery is one weeks time. you will receive the gallery link and the code to download up to 10 images, that same link will contain many more images that can be purchased. feel free to share them with family and friends.



Most Important question ever, and I am here to help!

    You want everyone to elegant but comfy at the session. We’ll be moving around on our adventure, so make sure you put yourself and the kids in something that moves with you and isn’t itchy or tight. You’ll be hearing about it all session, trust me.
    Hats, scarves, jewelry, blankets, headbands, suspenders, etc. All these things are a great way to add another layer of your style into your session.
    I know know if you’ve noticed it, but its been feeling a bit cooler outside lately so if you can, Bring the cardigans and sweaters. Layers add texture and textures add interest. Denim, chunky knits, lace, cords, etc. I should say, I love the way a chunky cardigan looks or a denim shirt tied at the waist. These are all great ways to incorporate your style.
    Choose colors that will compliment each other and colors that will stand out such as muted earthy tones,  mustard yellow, mauve pink, browns or khaki, dark blue, hunter green, dark reds/oranges. I love fun patterns too, but my favorite is florals! Mixing patterns is a great way to add interest to your photos.
    This session is about you & your love ones! And it’s so important to make sure that yours and your family’s personality shines through in every aspect.
    Giant logos: shirts that have giant logos on them can distract from your beautiful faces. Neon colors: just say no to hot pink and lime green yeah, NO! matchy-matchy: matching outfits are super cute sometimes, I know, but they can also seem very redundant and dare I say boring. Having different colors, patterns, textures, etc is super important to create interest and diversity in your family’s images.

The real deal

Here's to the fun stuffs

I’ll start by saying this, NO THIS IS NOT A PHOTOSHOOT. It’s more like a collection of moments, a celebration of surviving another year that no one saw coming.  We will start off our session by getting that perfect posed “Fall/Holiday Card Photo but DO REMEMBER THESE.

  • Tell your kids about the fun session we’ll be having a few days before. I am totally not above bribery. A fun ice cream date after our session is always a big hit. Just make sure you let the kids know we’re going to have fun! If they get worried about behaving perfectly then it will show in the images. I love taking time to connect with your kids to get those fun images of them.
  • Tell dad we’re going on an adventure too! Let him know that all he has to do is relax and have fun loving on his wife and kids. Take the pressure off. He’ll do great! ( although its ok if he needs a shot or two just before the session* )
  • Relax! Pamper yourself. Get your hair or nails done (if that’s your thing). Don’t stress, and remember to just have fun with your family. This is the time to be your true self with your beautiful family, enjoy it.
  • Moments over poses: after we get the poses out of the way, you don’t have to look at the camera anymore. You totally can if you want, but it’s not required.
  • Always touching: be sure that your always touching someone. Whether it’s a hug or snuggle, or just a tender hand on the shoulder. Make contact with your family. This shows connections and love.
  • Don’t stress: if your kids are nervous or acting a little wild, that’s totally ok! I embrace children in every aspect of themselves. We’re focusing on moments, so a shy kiddo can get extra snuggles and a wildling can have extra run time. It’s all about your family in this season! Remember that.
  • Bring snacks, water, a blanket, jackets/cardigans (if it’s cold), more water and snacks, and extra change of clothes in case someone gets too messy for the car ride home.
  • Arrive 5 Minutes before the session time.

Let's bring the laughters, smiles and memories of a lifetime

Phone: 954-663-3421
Instagram: @ralph_raphael_weddings
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