Part of the improvement process is about feedback. I would love to hear from you about projects, ideas, comment, tricks and tips, anything constructive in further expanding growth and knowledge to the community.
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After photographing so many couples, families and  documenting so many weddings, I am finally in a place to to be able to help and pass on the knowledge I’ve accumulated.  This has been eight years in the making. I’ve been more than blessed over these years with the opportunity to hear so many different stories and work with so many incredible people all while creating a super comfortable income just shy of three years from starting my business. Are you interested in taking your love for photography to the next level? Would you like to have a profitable business doing what you love? Give me a few hours, and I’ll teach you the highlights of what I’ve learned in the past eight plus years, believe in yourself and most importantly, build confidence in your craft.


Online session | $300


We will set up a meet via Facetime or a Zoom call and get on with learning as much as possible. This 90 minute call is all about you, your goals and needs. I’ll provide guidance and answer questions you you have and those you didn’t know you have. I will send you a pre session questionnaire in order to learn everything I need to know about you, strength and weaknesses, what exactly your focus is and what are you trying to achieve.

– Pre-mentor questionnaire
– 90 minutes of online mentoring meeting
– Portfolio and/or website critique
– Business questions and answers
– Workflow and editing tips
– Shooting techniques
– Gear evaluation and technical know how

If times allows, we will go over some marketing, branding, client experience, and how to set the right expectations.  I’ll personalize homework based on the things you need to improve, and set a date, too. I’m all about measurable goal-setting.

One on One Mentorship | $850


Have you looked at my images and wondered “How did she get that shot?” Well, I want to show you, I want to help you create images that instantly make you and your clients smile, laugh, and cry. Build your portfolio and grow into the photographer you’ve been working so hard for, in one day, Ok It won’t be in one day but the tools I will share with you will set you on your way to becoming the photographer you aspire to be. We’ll meet up at your place or mine, or maybe your favorite book store. Similar to the online mentorship, I’ll spend time answering questions you have and questions you didn’t know you had and then, we’ll put everything into hands-on practice while we shoot and edit together. Here’s what’s included:

– Pre-mentor questionnaire
– How to use pose and prompts
– When, where and how to capture emotions
– Portfolio and/or website critique
– In depth BQ&A including marketing, branding, client experience, contracts, and how to be successful.
– Photography Q&A – Let’s talk, lighting, gear, editing, workflow, etc.
– Live photo shoot with a couple – this is where you’ll put everything I’ve just taught you into practice, and I’ll guide you along the way.

One on one mentorships are 4-5 hours of one-on-one time with a pre-shoot questionnaire, pre-shoot meeting, one to one and a half hour with a model or couple for an outdoor shoot,  in addition, we’ll have a one hour editing and ask-me-anything session, plus a 30 day follow up meeting to answer any lingering creative or business questions you might have left. Let’s get to learning and perfecting your craft.


I’d like to offer my humble advice, my stories, my experience so that you may take the lessons I have learned, apply them to your business, and GROW.

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