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The Process

01. Inquiry

Get in touch! Fill out our inquiry form in our contact page to get started. We will verify that we are available for your wedding date and send you a list of our packages.

02. Consultation

We schedule a free in person or video call consultation and go over any questions prior to or immediately after booking. Here I will ask you questions to better understand the vision for your wedding day and help you plan for your ideal wedding day timeline. Why am I so involved in the planning? One word: lighting! Using all of my experience, I can help make sure we capture the moments with the best possible lighting. Beside I love to establish a real connection with you since after all, we’ll be working together on one of the most important days of your lives.

03. Booking

Once you’re ready to book us, I will send over a customized wedding day proposal that includes our contract, service terms, and an online payment form where you can conveniently and securely pay the 40% retainer.

04. Engagement Session

This is when the fun starts! We get to plan and dream up a perfect date for the two of you where we’ll take photos of you both while you simply be yourselves. We’ll send you information on what to wear and guide you on how to prepare yourselves for a really fun and beautiful experience. Here you’ll get a glimpse as to how we work so that you can feel confident and relaxed in front of our camera on your wedding day.

05. Venue Walkthrough

About 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding day, well get together again for a venue walk through and have our final consultation before the wedding day.
We will go over the final details including your wedding day timeline. I do this about a month out because I realized your details will be finalized by then and if not, we can always touch base by phone and talk through any remaining questions and details a few weeks before your wedding day.

06. Your wedding day

Your day has finally arrived! It’s finally the day for you two to get married. I couldn’t be happier and more excited to be capturing it for you. It’s your day to celebrate love, have fun, and be present. I will arrive to capture the details and stay to capture the fun of the party. Once the night is done, depending on the package, we will have 5-10 images prepared for you to share within the next 72 hours because we know you’re excited to see and share them with family and friends.

07. Your Photographs

The next few weeks is spent on sorting, culling, retouching and curating you photographs in a way that tells the story of your incredible day from start to finish. Within 7-9 weeks, most times sooner depending on the demand, you will receive high resolution images via an online gallery. Feel free to share them with friends and family, download or order prints, have your guest order prints or select the favorite ones for your album. Rest assured, my photographs are never watermarked and access to them is never restricted.

The Style

Capturing what will become memories.



These sessions are so much fun, and important not only because they are celebration of your future together, they’re also a prime time for us photographers to capture all that ooey gooey, lovey-dovey stuff on camera. This time together will show me how you two naturally interact with each other which is important for your big day! It also gives you an opportunity to get to know me, feel comfortable and see how I work behind the camera so your mind can be at ease on the day of your wedding, trusting that I will capture the moments you want without any worries or qualms.


The reason we’re all here. Your wedding day. Keep in that all the packages were created with you in mind. How you ask? For starters, most of my wedding packages comes with accompanying second photographer be cause, angles. That’s right I want you to relive the day from as much angles as possible, maximizing our time together to get the best images. Everytime!


Maternity photos, family sessions, and everything in between. These sessions are 60-90 minutes long. As you grow, I will be there, keeping your story as consistent as the first time it was told in photographs, so take a moment and celebrate each milestone in you life.

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What to Expect

An experience leading up to a day to remember!

You’re about to start planning the biggest party you’ll ever throw. Let’s together make this a journey that’s exciting, personal, unforgettable, and a lot of fun.

I create a unique experience for every couple and believe you deserve more than just a wedding photographer. When you work with me, you are investing in someone who gives their all into what they do, and truth is, I am equally as invested in you. We will spend time leading up to your wedding day getting to know each other and discussing the details, big and small, that will make your day unique. I love nothing more than sharing my opinion on design ideas, attire, vendors and more. I make myself fully available to my clients and know that the time we spend sharing in your story and making important decisions for your wedding will allow you to feel relaxed, inspired and comfortable in front of the camera on your big day.

We are invested in each other

Capturing what will become memories.

I thrive on teamwork with my clients

Those who have worked with me know how much I value their input. You will never feel coerced into any moment that doesn’t feel natural for you, and I capture people and weddings with an organic, guided approach to allow for a refined look that always displays authentic emotion.

On your wedding day I will be wholeheartedly excited and extensively prepared, ready to capture the magic that is about to unfold. I’ll be there to straighten your dress, tie a few ties, keep track of time and events, fix wind-blown hair, and help everyone smile. But even more importantly, I’ll be there to document the precious, fleeting moments and memories that will get to live on forever in your wedding photos. The genuine candid smiles and tears. The beautiful portraits that will become your first family heirlooms and the tiny, heartfelt details that you never want to forget.

Are we the right fit?

We might be a good fit if...

you love to laugh, and to do it loud.

We’re definitely a fit and definitely should be friends

you enjoy a night in, as much as a night out.

Then yeah! me too. A night out with friends is just as awesome as night in because, as much as I love dancing, (I suck at it honestly) I love me a deep conversation about life and growth over a few cold ones with the bros.

you are about the little things!

There is no better feeling picking up something from your dresser or chest just to have it bring you back to a specific moment, whether it’s of someone, a time you traveled somewhere or maybe something that reminds you of your personal growth.

you’re excited about what you love doing, your passion.

I can talk about this all day, all night! so meeting someone who is equally as excited about what they love to do is awesome.

you love to travel and meeting new people.

I absolutely love to travel, and the more I travel, the more inspiration I seem to find and grow my ability to connect with others. I love listening and sharing experiences with others, because I truly believe that we can never stop learning from one another and the day we stop is the day we begin to regress.

Working with me

You have a friend in me!

Preparation is key!

The second I am hired you have unlimited access to me and we’ll stay in close contact throughout the entire process. There are never too many emails or questions. I love to help and be involved with every detail of your day. Typically I book dates about a year in advance. If you think you would like to work with me, it’s never too early to reach out and reserve your wedding date.

Loving your images is all I want at the end of the day.

If you see a location you love, let me know and we’ll shoot there. If you’ve found inspiration, whether it’s my work or not, let me see, I’m always ready to take a look and be inspired by something you like. I want to know you and what you love! I love collaborating with couples and capturing present in the moment photographs in an authentic and artful way.

Travel Dates

Boston, MA – July 6th-8th
Dublin Ireland – September 27th -30th
Yosemite Valley, Ca – October 21st-25th

The Adventure Awaits!

Ready to get started?


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